School Leavers Employment Support

At Freedom Living Australia, our teaching staff have over 30 years of teaching experience in Special Education and transition programs.

We run a range of classes that are small in group sizing and flexible in delivery.

We will provide you with a unique and individualised program that will encourage and support your transition from school into supported and open employment, or self employment. 

We will assist you to confidently gain the skills needed to find, or create and keep a job. 

Current SLES providers focus their efforts on facilitating people with disability to find traditional employment within organisations.

We pride ourselves on fostering individuality and inclusion for all, regardless of gender identity, cultural identity or location.

Whilst we will still offer traditional onsite services such as; resume writing, job applications, budgeting and money, public transport training, work experience  and health and safety in the workplace, our Entrepreneur Empowerment Program is like no other service currently being offered.

Our Entrepreneur Program provides opportunity for choice and control in open or self employment and you may be eligible to access this support via online correspondence (patent pending).

We will develop and foster interpersonal skills, leadership and management skills and negotiation and communication skills. 

We are here to help you be your own BOSS! 

Our whole program will be offered not only onsite, but via video conferencing technology allowing all participants across Australia to connect and participate.

Our program creates a community in a safe and nurturing environment where individuals exercise choice and control. Speak to us about the support you need and the different options for delivery. 

Are you over 20 and looking for employment support? Why not look at our Individual Employment Support Options.  

Contact us if you would like to know more about Individual Employment Support and how Freedom Living Australia can help you.

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