About Us

Our Story

Freedom Living Australia is a registered NDIS support provider.

We were born from the desire to create a more individualised support service that fosters cultural and gender identity and offers multiple modes of delivery so that all Australians, regardless of location or self sense, have an equal opportunity to access inclusive disability services.

Our new mobile and contemporary approach challenges traditional views on disability supports and pushes the boundaries to close the gap between ability and disability. 

Our values are simple:

  • A champions motivation
  • An athletes commitment
  • And a winners positive mindset to make each day count.

We continuously endeavour to deliver a personalised and positive service, that has a culture of family, freedom and growth that offers more choice and control over achieving your individual lifestyle goals. We encourage collaboration and feedback to ensure our clients needs are being met so we can continue to provide our service to the highest level of standard. 

It’s your right… It’s your choice… Live your life your way!

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